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Sound is a fundamental creative energy of the universe. And the human being is deeply and intimately wired to respond to sound. It is one of the most powerful tools available to humanity to clear what no longer serves us and to manifest a higher vision. Not only for the individual—for the entire human family.

It was an amazing experience to create Ancient Voices with such active assistance from Spirit. You may hear this or feel this as you hear the sound’s ebb and flow.

This 2 CD set allows you to create a program of meditational healing you design. Eight tracks, with varied intentions, allows you to mix and match what calls to you to support personal healing through sacred sound and ceremony.

Run time: 01:55:06


Track   Title    

Introduction 0:05:42

Opening Space to Earth Mother and the Cosmos 0:11:33

Cosmic Drum 0:10:27

Wiring to the Rainbow Bridge 0:27:29

Children of the Light 026:33

Crystal Journey 0:15:06

Sharing the Healing 0:04:56

Earth Child 0:13:20


Liner Notes  


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