Canine Companion Meditations

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When people hear about Canine Meditations they often say: My dog needs to be calmer! Not many of us realize that we directly influence the dog. When we are stressed, it immediately affects the dog and vice versa.

When we practice Canine Companion Meditations there are many benefits: increased awareness in our training sessions, deeper understanding, strengthening of the bond with our canine companion, a calmer pooch and joyful person.

Run time: 01:23:50; Recorded on 2 CDs

By Ma Ananda Sanghavasini and Sharon Carne.


Track   Title   Time
02 Meditation: From Panting to Pawsing 00:18:34
04 Meditation: Gift Called Dog 00:19:56
06 Meditation: Doggie Day in the Park 00:22:58
08 Meditation: Om Mani Puppy Hum 00:17:56


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