Transmutation, shed the negative

Transmutation, shed the negative

“Transmutation, shed the negative” is healing sound with the specific intent to clear negative thought form energy in the body, auric field or environment.

We all know the power our favorite music has on our emotional wellness. Sound also has the power to affect matter at the quantum (smaller than an atom) level. You can use this CD to transform or release negative energy that you feel is ready to go. Then, from this clearer space, choose positive thought patterns.

Learning to Work with Thought Energy for Spiritual Transformation

There is much information becoming available about how our thoughts create our reality. We are learning that thoughts are things. They are real, magnetic, sendable and receivable waves of energy. They can lead to the creation of the career of your dreams, wonderful people in your life, a cloud over your head or disease in your body. Thoughts are most powerful when they are combined with feelings.

Transmutation Crystal Grid

Transmutation Crystal Grid

Part of our growth as individuals concerns becoming more responsible for the energy our thoughts create. As we learn to monitor them, we learn to choose those thoughts that serve us.

But what about the negative and dark thoughts that escape our good intentions?

Many of these thoughts are accompanied with some strong feelings of anger, resentment, frustration, etc. We all need to express these feelings. It is part of being emotionally healthy. But we also need to be aware of the energy we are sending out with them and find appropriate ways of expressing them.

As healing sound begins to work on transmuting energy, you may feel it begin to move in your body or field or appear more clearly into your conscious mind. Transmutation can be rather uncomfortable for some people. For others it is very gentle.

Spiritual transformation doesn’t always feel good when looking at our negative thoughts and patterns. That’s why we keep many of them buried in our subconscious mind. By getting a clearer look we can choose to let them go. The more you let go of negative thought energy, the lighter you become and the more you embody your spirit or true essence.

Creating Transmutation

What do you do when an archangel barges into your meditation? It was during a meditation for something else, about two years ago. A golden glow appeared and as it drew closer, turned into the most beautiful being I had ever seen. He/she sat down beside me and said, “I am Gabriel. I have come to help you with your next CD. It is to be called “Transmutation” and its intent is to transmute negative thought form energy.”

I was deeply moved by this being and honoured by the gift of assistance. Some of the sounds for this CD had already been forming in my inner ear, but were not clear enough yet to begin to record. I renewed my efforts to find that inner sound, but nothing new appeared.

What I hadn’t expected was that for the next year, lessons in negative thought form energy just showed up in my living room or within my family. The first one made me furious until I realized that it was a lesson and my education in negative energy began. I had not really thought much about or had conscious experience with how thought takes form.

Kristy Recording Transmutation

Kristy Recording Transmutation

With each new experience, I learned a different intention that needed to be placed on the sound for this CD. Clouds of negative energy were dissolved. An angry ghost that appeared to my son (and who was helped to move on to the light) taught me to hold an intention that any confused spirit(s) within range of this sound would receive assistance if they choose to accept it. Some of the lessons came from my own negative thoughts.

One of my own experiences with the power of thought was a result of experimenting with sending out specific thoughts while I was performing. (I have been performing and teaching the classical guitar for about 30 years.) It astounded me when the thoughts I sent out on the sound came back to me in the comments from the audience after my performance. My commitment to watching my thoughts became much more profound when I realized that people were actually receiving them.

Transmutation is not intended to be easy listening music. It is a powerful sonic tool to help you dissolve any negative energy that is ready to go.

The sounds on Transmutation are designed to work with the process of Spiritual transformation. The drum is the heartbeat, slowing down your heart and brain wave patterns. The guitar carries the tones for the seven major chakras to keep the listener balanced and grounded. The movers and shakers in the first section are two singing crystal bowls, a 300-year old Tibetan bowl, a rainstick and a rather insistent wind. The vocals and bowls in the middle section focus on transmuting the energy and moving it out. The last section calms, relaxes and fills you with pure light.

Working with an archangel is challenging and unpredictable at times – or maybe that’s just me being challenging and unpredictable. It certainly makes life interesting. Mostly, I am grateful for being part of the creation of such a powerful sonic tool that can assist many others in their healing journey.


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