TRANSMUTATION, shed the negative

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“Transmutation, shed the negative” is healing sound with the specific intent to clear negative thought form energy in the body, auric field or environment.

We all know the power our favorite music has on our emotional wellness. Sound also has the power to affect matter at the quantum (smaller than an atom) level. You can use this CD to transform or release negative energy that you feel is ready to go. Then, from this clearer space, choose positive thought patterns.

The music for Transmutation is recorded in one track with 3 main sections.

The sound in the first section is intended to break up the negative energy you choose to release or that is ready to go.

In the second section, the voice and the wind move this energy out.

In the third section, the sound fills these spaces with light.

Run time: 01:07:57


Track   Title   Time
01 Break Up the Negative

02 Let Go 00:28:34
03 Fill With Light! 00:20:26


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