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Playing Sticks for Tibetan Bowls

We carry a variety of sticks for playing your bowls. Different sticks can make your bowl easier or harder to play.

Our sticks are hand made for us in Nepal. Because of this, no two playing sticks are quite the same, and availability varies.

All sticks need to be broken in, which is accomplished by simply using them to play your bowl. This conditioning period creates a series of micro-grooves in the stick, which makes a fuller sound. It usually takes between 10 and 30 minutes to fully condition your stick.

We have a selection of playing sticks that have been lovingly broken in by participants of our workshops. When purchasing a plain wood playing stick, you have a choice of a new stick, or a stick that has been broken in. We cannot guarantee that we'll have stock of sticks that are broken in, but we'll honour your request whenever possible.

Bowl Stands

Bowl stands can be made of wood or fabric - usually silk, and are intended for displaying your bowl. They are not suitable for supporting your bowl while you are playing it, as the bowl would readily slip off from the pressure of the playing stick.

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